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We are an independent research, testing and development organization. Our scope includes both laboratory services and numerical simulation. We have laboratory facilities for evaluating airflow, moisture flow heat transfer, and moisture transfer for a wide variety of HVAC devices. Over the past decade, we have developed and improved designs for various air-to-air heat and moisture transfer exchangers and formulated selection algorithms. We are able to perform conceptual design by means of numerical simulations. We are soliciting product development or refinement projects from companies or organizations who need and want confidential research and testing work done for them at very competitive rates.




AER's specialties are laboratory and computational research, design, and development. In the simulation area, we deal with complex and coupled fluid flow, heat transfer, and moisture transfer processes, creating and implementing finite-element and finite-volume computational codes. Our software expertise includes ANSYS, FLOTRAN, FLUENT, and CFX.


AER has established a testing facility to evaluate, verify, and document exchanger performance at various airflow rates, airflow ratios, differential pressures, humidity ratios, and wheel speed (for rotating exchangers). Calibration of the facility exhibited airflow, moisture flow, and energy balances to within 1%. The AER test facility is highly flexible and is able to accommodate a wide range of exchanger types, sizes, and shapes. Modern instrumentation is routinely available and data are collected using state-of-the-art acquisition systems.




Air-energy research is prepared to work on all HVAC-related research and development projects and to write grant proposals or work statements for corporations, governmental agencies, ASHRAE, ARI, or other organizations. AER seeks to assist industry leaders in specific phases of new product development or systems research. We take this opportunity to invite you to consider AER to assist you with independent, confidential, and practical research and development. Find out how effectively AER can be of service to your organization by phoning 612-819-8152 now.


Links to the results of prior research projects


The authors of the linked reports also serve on the AER research staff.

     Thermal Effectiveness Test Results for the XeteX AIRotor Total Energy Recovery Wheel

     Results of Cross-Contamination Testing of the XeteX AIRotor Total Energy Recovery Wheel



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